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"Safe Harbor" © Danny Hahlbohm

In the far distance I saw the lightning flash
and the thunder roar as the rains started.
The seas were high and the winds blew strong
Where would I go, what would I do?

My anchor was lost on the sea bottom down below
Nothing to hold me, no one to help.
Just myself to keep me safe without much hope
Then I looked toward the shore and what did I see?

A twinkle of a light standing on higher ground
That was there to guide me in the long dark night.
I just had to trust and reach out my hand
Just place my life into His care.

Not knowing for sure just what was there
The closer I come the brighter it shines.
The light to lead me
Was there all the time.

This light was Jesus.
Will you follow him today?

Jimmy Carden aka Jcshrimp1
© Nov. 12 2003

John 8:12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying,
I am the light of the world:
he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life.



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Song "The Lighthouse" by
Jerry Morris

A message from Jerry
Jimmy, of all the inspirational songs that I have recorded,
The Lighthouse is probably my favorite.

Your site says so much, and made me humble once again when
I visited. We are all on a journey in the dark, and here on
earth for such a short time, but I believe there is a light
to guide us, regardless of what religion we believe in.

When the waters get rough, we all look to the sky and pray
for guidance, and to be steered away from harm.

I am so proud of this award from Dede
thanks so very much Dede ...  Jimmy

I am so proud of this award from South at
thank you so very much Southbreeze...  Jimmy

Brenda this makes me so very proud
thank you so very much from my heart ....Jimmy

Carolyn thanks from my heart
my special friend for many years now.

"Safe Harbor" © Danny Hahlbohm
You MUST get permission to use his artwork

Graphic Set by Designer Lady