Lord, Help Me Cry

Sweet Lord, help me cry, when dear ones die.
When they sin against Thee and I know not why.
Bring them closely to Thine own loving heart.
Let not those ever in life, from Thee depart.

Guard all from the enemy, that Thou doth detest.
Help us all to live in wonder, in Thy rest.
Help all to love one another and have trust.
Help all to know to live in Thee, as we must.

Help me to cry for fallen soldiers of the Cross-,
Keep clean our souls Lord, to suffer no loss.
Help me cry when we live from Thee, apart,
Knowing we ever need Thee, inside our heat.

Help me to cry, when our world feels upside down
Bring back the good deeds in life, back around.
Help us live with Jesus inside our heart,
Daily Lord, give each the mind to set the mark.

Help us pray in Jesus name, each day.
Before we sleep, kneel down to Thee and pray.
We know Lord that you love us; help us to cry,
As we see loved ones, just passing Thee by.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker
Sept 17, 2007

Used with permission
Please ask Mrs. Walker
before using.







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