Jimmy's "Safe Harbor"


A Vessel For Jesus

Lord help me today to praise Your name
And do the best that I can,
To bring some soul to Calvary's cross
And on the solid rock I will stand.

You gave up Your life for all mankind
So they can have eternal life,
And rise someday to go to heaven
From earthly toils and strife.

More then ever before we need You, Lord
To strive to get through each day,
Satan is attacking, with all his might
To drive those who love you away.

Help us grow stronger each day in faith
And increase our will to pray,
Help us be grounded firm and deep
So our hearts may never stray.

Let those that are strong, support the weak
So we all can tarry along,
To spread Your love to everyone Lord
And to fill their heart with song.

Help us forgive each wrong that is done
And fight each sorrow we must face,
But most of all, help us love each other
Through Your love and Amazing Grace.

Ann Hart
Aug 8th 2004
For The Glory Of God.


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Music: "My One Desire"

By: Rick Founds, Larry Holder,
Steve Israel and Elton Smith
Used With Permission

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