Jimmy's "Safe Harbor"

 We had been together for so many years. In this lifetime we had conquered most of our fears. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, We had shed so many tears deep from our souls.

 But nothing prepared us for what was to come Perhaps, we weren't as graceful as some. This man whom I had loved so completely, Who has returned that love ever so sweetly.
 Seemed to be disintegrating very slowly. Before my eyes he gradually disappeared wholly. The physical being was there but had changed. Despite what we had before I felt estranged.

The man had become so childlike on many ways. He became oblivious even to honest praise. He used to have maintained a wit so keen. But, now his remarks sound downright mean.

 Each day it is like my love has become a stranger. His words that were so dear, now cry danger. Memories fade more and more as times pass. Things like names and people are from within his grasp.

 When the doctor said it was Alzheimer's, I felt a chill. Surely this cannot be part of God's will? Whatever happens I will always know, This is the man I promised to love ever so long ago.

 Just because through disease he has forgotten, I will remember for us both all we have gotten. The Lord brought us through the veil of sorrows, So we could share the rest of life's tomorrows.

 ©Carol G Oliver November,
 2009 Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author



Written for my dear friend Who is battling the ravages of time
 ~ a lovely lady so sublime

If you wish to use Cali's poem, please contact her for permission.



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