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"Pray without ceasing."
1Thessalonians 5:17
Time For Prayer
Today's scripture verse is but
three little words ~ with powerful impact!
Maintaining a prayerful life is most important
for the children of God.
However, various difficulties make a full prayer life
almost impossible.
But thank God the things which are impossible with us
are possible with Him!
God's call to prayer need not be a burden
nor a cause of guilt.
He means for it to be a joy.
Through prayer, He can give us strength
for all we do,
and bring down His power to work through us
in the lives of others.
There are earnest Christians who have just enough
prayer to maintain their spiritual position,
but not enough to grow spiritually.
Seeking to fight off temptation is a defensive attitude
rather than an assertive one
which reaches for higher attainment.
The scriptural teaching to cry out day and night
in prayer must, to some degree,
become our experience
if we are to be intercessors.
Let us confess the sin that besets us and then
confront it in the name of our Redeemer.
The same light that shows us our sin and condemns us
for it will show us the way out of it.
Now, as we lift ourselves and others up to our
Heavenly Father in prayer,
may we always be mindful,
In our communication with heaven,
we only get as we give!


"Lord Dictated Them"

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