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". . . If a man love me,
he will keep my words:
and my Father will love him,
and we will come unto him,
and make our abode with him."

John 14:23

For The Right Reason

It is simple to do the right thing for the wrong reason.
Our motives are not always pleasing to the Lord. They
may be polluted with selfishness.
"What's in it for me?"
"Maybe they will help me later!"
"I will make a big impression!"

Why is it that we try to do God's will? It is not suppose
to be done for self-gain or recognition. We strive to
do God's will out of His love for us and our love towards
Him. This should be our motivating attitude.

We love God because He first loved us. He demonstrates
His love for us in this: "While we were still sinners,
Christ died for us
" (Romans 5:8).

We should always respond to God's love by keeping
His commandments, by doing His will. His death and
resurrection motivate us to present ourselves to Him
in a life of humble service, not expecting honor and
praise, or pats on the back for our self. But we live a
Christ-pleasing life because we love the Lord Jesus,
who loved us so much to go to the cross for us.

May it be Christ's love that motivates you in all you
do, think, and say! And may you give all the glory to
Him for working through you..........
our rewards will come when we meet Him.........
let us reward Him while we're here on earth..........
for all that we are,
all that we do,
after all,
 is for the glory of God ~ and not
for the glory of oneself.

May we live for our Lord out of love for Him always.

"Lord Dictated Them"

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