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"Jesus Christ the same yesterday,
and today, and for ever."
Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Is Timely and Timeless
Jesus is unchangeable!
He lives and reigns today without any change in personality since the days when He personally reached out in compassion to sinners,
offering new life to the crushed and defeated.
He remains the saving Lord.
Glory be to His matchless name!
However, a distorted application can be made of His unchangeable nature.
Some may picture Jesus in long robes and a beard
and cannot imagine the changeless Christ understanding computers or modern society,
and so dismiss Him from life today.
And some, knowing that Jesus never changes,
hold on to the belief of their childhood learning years
that the introduction to Him was complete
and consider any further religion unnecessary.
It is a sad mistake to believe that Jesus is timeless
but to forget that He is also timely.
The words of Christ gave startling light to the world
in which He lived,
and they hold penetrating truth also today.
The life and cross of Jesus,
which offered amazing pardon to the first Christians,
do the same today.
Christ is not behind us, but always before us.
The closer we follow, the more will we marvel at
His infinite truth and grace,
which apply to any generation.

Christ never changes!
He is always timely and timeless.


"Lord Dictated Them"

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