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"He hath showed strength with his arm;
he hath scattered the proud
in the imagination of their hearts."
Luke 1:51
Who Is Number 1?
Yesterday morning when I got off work,
I needed to run by Motor Vehicles
and get my driver's license renewed.
Needless to say, I was exhausted from working
all night long, and wanted to get a good
place in line in order to get in and out,
all the time thinking to myself,
I hope I'm the first one there."
Thank the Lord, He also allowed me
time to just "sit and reflect" a little on being Number 1.
And so, this verse of Scripture was placed before me.
Nowhere is our creativity more apparent
than in our ability to discover
new and original sin.
It all began in the Garden of Eden when
the devil convinced Adam and Eve
that he had found a way for them to move
God over and become Number 1!
And the beat still goes on . . .
We keep looking for ways to succeed
where Adam and Eve failed.
We look for ways to be first on everyone
else's priority list.
We look for ways to be first in line.
We look for ways to be first at the checkout counters.
We look for ways to be the first ones
getting out of the parking lot.
We continuously look for ways to win
in the game of "first come, first served."
But these are all mere symptoms
of the real transgression.
In the case of Christians,
our creativity as original sinners is
revealed most clearly when we look for ways
to be known as disciples of Christ
without following His example.
"We are Number 1! We are Number 1!"
All well and good, perhaps,
to hear the chant ringing out from football fans,
but when we hear it ringing out from our hearts,
it is all pride and imagination.
So, may we remember,
"He has scattered the proud
in the imagination of their hearts!"
And . . .
Jesus is Number1!


"Lord Dictated Them"

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