"Then the soldiers, when they had crucified Jesus,
took his garments, and made four parts,
to every soldier a part;
and also his coat:
now the coat was without seam,
woven from the top throughout.
John 19:23

Jesus' Seamless Coat

There is one item in the account of the crucifixion
and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
that is seldom, if ever, referred to in any depth.
Namely, His seamless coat.

In the Bible, garments speak of conduct
or a display of character.
A good example is
"to be clothed with humility."
What precious truths about Jesus can we learn
as seen in His seamless coat?

Our Lord was flawless and absolutely beyond reproach
in His character.
"For such a high priest became us,
who is holy, harmless, undefiled,
separate from sinners,
and made higher than the heavens.
Hebrews 7:26

There is no seam dividing
His meekness from His anger;
His gentleness from His firmness;
His authority from His winsomeness,
or His mercy from His sincerity.
He is uniquely beautiful in His character.
His coat was all one piece!

All is done with uniform consistency.
Nothing is ever out of perspective.
Power is without pride,
knowledge is without superiority,
and authority is without arrogance.
His coat was woven on the loom of eternity.

As we, His redeemed, are
"clothed . . . with the garments of salvation"
and covered "with the robe of righteousness,"
let us fall at His feet during this time
of resurrection remembrance to worship, praise,
and cry out to God for an experience of
"the power of His resurrection"
in order that we might be genuine reflectors
of the wondrous character of our
Lord Jesus Christ.


"Lord Dictated Them"


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