"I have planted, Apollos watered;
but God gave the increase.
So then neither is he that planteth
any thing, neither he that watereth:
but God that giveth the increase.
Now he that planteth and
he that watereth are one:
and every man shall receive his own
reward according to his own labor.
For we are laborers together with God:
ye are God's husbandry,
ye are God's building."
1Corinthians 3:6-9

Laborers Together With God

It is praiseworthy that we like to be successful
in all we do for the Lord,
but sometimes we seem to fail.
But God does not hold us responsible for success.
He only asks that we work faithfully
and to the best of our abilities.
God calls some of us to plant the seed,
and others to water it.
But only He can make it grow.
When a person believes in Jesus as their Savior,
that is entirely the work of God,
and not that of ourselves.
We work together with God.
God can turn what looks like failure to us
into success.
What looks hopeless today,
may become God's great victory tomorrow.
His ways are not our ways.
But we can rest assured that
His Word will accomplish what He wants,
and our labor is not in vain.
In this confidence we serve faithfully,
doing our sowing and watering,
leaving the completion in God's hands.


"Lord Dictated Them"



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