"And he shall be as the light of the morning,
when the sun riseth,
even a morning without clouds;
as the tender grass springeth out of the earth
by clear shining after rain."
2Samuel 23:4


  "Thank You, For The Rain"
I bow my head and thank You, Lord
for such a day as this;
With raindrops falling from the sky,
I know You're in their mist.
I see Your love in every drop
Which touches each new flower;
As blades of grass reach up to drink
in all You're wondrous power.
Through skies of grey, the sun still shines,
For all of those who see,
The beauty that Your raindrops bring
In every living tree.
As gardens grow and produce buds,
May thanks be given You,
For all the wondrous ways of love
You show in all You do.
~Sandy Sexton
May 2005
Used with permission.




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Jimmy's Safe Harbor

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