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Vernie Attaway |
Beautiful words of wisdom!
15 February 2013 - SC
Vernie Attaway |
Hello my long lost friend! I was so happy to find you still writing and sharing. I left the Internet about 3 years ago. I sure have missed you!!! Your site is a wonderful inspiration to others. I've visited several pages and ENJOYED each one. Beautiful Site my dear friend. {{{HUGZ}}} Grammie
15 February 2013 - Florence, SC
Darlene | |
Thought I'd drop by for a visit. I see you're still here. Hope you're doing well.
15 January 2013 - va
Lynn |
May God continue to Bless you
28 September 2012 - NC
Betty | |
This is the most beautiful site. I would love to receive these pages.
God is so good. May He bless everyone who comes to this site and especially
15 June 2012 - Missouri
kenneth | |
this blessed me very much when i read this God bless you all
26 March 2012 - tenn.
anne greenwood |
thank you for this site it has come to me when I needed so much hope, I believe in God that's for sure.
But I needed the extra help and your inspirations are helping me as each day goes by becoming closer to our Lord. Thank You!!
13 January 2012 - Oregon